Friday, August 27, 2010

back in the saddle...

My Dr. "signed off" on everything Monday, with only a few reservations. He says don't get crazy with the dancing... and stay in the arena on horseback. So I'm good to go!

I did dance with my students in a show this past Saturday, only a couple of days early...
I figured it was OK & I didn't do too much, just a little bit of group improv Chorus Line, Veil, and Duet dancing. I loved it! Got to wear my new Ganesha Bazaar set.

Yesterday I dressed & went to the farm, actually did get on my favorite horse again for about 10 minutes, with my teacher right there. I was sort of nervous... then when it came time to dismount, had an attack of nerves, as that's how I fell off originally & needed surgery. So my teacher pulled the mounting block over & I used that to get off. I think I'll get over that soon, my leg's much better than it ever was, just had a mental block or something.
I don't really want to ride with no other horses in the arena right now, so I'm going to go back when there's class happening.
Sitting in the saddle felt much better than it ever had, though my right foot needs attention in the stirrup. I'm sure it'll come back really soon.
Even that short ride gave me a sore spot - and after all the exercising I've done! I was surprised. Just a little spot between the hammie & glute... maybe more backwards leg raises....
All in all, I'm pretty psyched about it all!

Monday, August 16, 2010

4 months & counting!

I'm just back from a week of camping at Pennsic (historical re-enactment) and it was great. Lots of walking around, just a little touch of dancing (nothing too 'hip'tastic), and no pain or discomfort. I even drove all the way home with no issues (7 hours). People were alternately intrigued or amazed about the hip replacement (if they didn't already know). The dancers whom I told were a little shocked, but I hope they see that it's nothing to be afraid of; in fact a lot of people told me I looked much happier than before. I know I felt a lot better - I even made it out to parties & did the marketplace tour a couple of times. It felt great!