Tuesday, September 30, 2014

an awesome week ends an awesome month!

What an amazing week just passed! I had my last physical therapy session yesterday because I've met my goal: being able to dance again. 
appointment card
cancel Thursday, I'm good!
Last week at my doctor's appointment he okayed dancing - I hadn't expected THAT until October, so I was pleasantly surprised. He just said no fast hip twists, and to be careful with cross-steps. So I danced a little in both Wednesday and Thursday classes, wobbly like a beginner; but every time it's a little better. 
On Friday I danced even more at my rehearsal club... then the next day I was wondering why my abdominal muscles were sore - it really made me laugh. Bellydance IS good exercise! 
It was an exciting week to end a wonderful month of progress. My body is getting back to normal a little at a time. I'm walking well; and I can even sleep on my stomach - something I couldn't do for years! 
And now, I have some fun plans coming up! In October I'm going to a camping event in North Carolina: an SCA historical reenactment called War of the Wings; several Tribal Odyssey dancers will be there and I'll be able to dance too! 
Then next month I'm hosting a hafla with my dance group, and I'm even dreaming of solo dancing - how amazing would THAT be! Every single day I thank God I was able to get my hip replaced - to go from disabled to dancing is like a miracle
I'm REALLY looking forward to dancing in classes this week! I've also been thinking of doing another short video for my Best Belly Dance Tips playlist, on "hand and arm movements", while I wait for my hips to get back in shape. I'm so happy! 
Anthea Kawakib
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