Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cabin Fever Bellydance

Ah, winter in Virginia.
The Richmond event I was invited to dance in today was cancelled due to weather. It would've been my first "real" solo with my new hip! For the last couple of weeks I've been working on my 3-minute Arabic pop number; and just the day before yesterday I was thrilled to be doing my dress rehearsal, and posting about it on instagram. In these two weeks I'd gone from barely wobbling my way through the first 90 seconds, to being able to run through the whole number several times. That's real progress! 

But it's a mess outside - no one should be out driving in a "wintry mix" of snow, sleet, and freezing rain! So I kept myself busy making another quick technique tip, this one on Better Hands and Arms in Bellydance, to add to my Playlist of "Best Bellydance Tips". 
screenshot of video
Diagonal Arms

I really love this particular topic too, because there's SO MUCH going on in the shoulders and arms - the emotion of the dancer flows through them; they provide the frame to ALL the body moves; they help direct the audience's attention; and beautiful hands provide the finishing touch! 
So because I was stuck in the house today, here's my latest endeavor in the world of bellydance:

Anthea Kawakib

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Anthea's hips are working again

Dancing again makes me so HAPPY!

One of my students told me in class last night that when I was dancing at our Hafla this past Sunday, her husband said "I see Anthea's hips are working again." That made me laugh!
Doing that short one-song improv was a mental challenge, as I am not so sure of my body as I used to be, but once I started, I really enjoyed it. Although I know it wasn't the "artistic best" I'm used to doing, it still was fine. And like I kept telling everyone, "it's just a party!"
Getting this first post-op performance done kind of reminds me of getting on a horse again after you've been tossed off. You gather yourself together, brace yourself, take a deep breath, and just do it. Speaking of horses, one of my riding friends attended the Hafla with her husband, and took this photo of me: 
Anthea Kawakib in orange assiut
Anthea does an improv solo at the Hafla

NEXT: More dancing in store!

I'm super excited to be dancing at a show in Richmond (VA) in a couple of weeks! A very sweet lady, Rose Ravia, is hosting an afternoon restaurant show and invited me to dance, as well as my PRISM Dancers; and our own Pixie will be doing her Double Sword dance too. The event is "An Afternoon with Friends", 1 - 5pm at the new Pho House of Noodles on Broad Street. 
For this show I decided to tackle my old pop number, Layali by Angham. Getting through it in my studio the other day was challenging, but I did it; my left hip gets tired, and the muscles are lazy, but articulating these easy moves will be good exercise for my left side. I'm SO happy Ravia invited me! Not only do I get to dance, but my dancers will be with me too. I'm absolutely intoxicated with anticipation! 

Anthea Kawakib

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