Thursday, December 29, 2011

what's in the baskets?

This New Year's Eve, PRISM is debuting our "Basket Dance" which is just a bunch of fun, really. One of those dances we do for ourselves! One reason is the raucous beledi music, Luxor Baladna (Afrah Baladna Said). Yeah, YOU know what I mean! A definite party piece.

The New Year's Eve show looks fun all around actually. One more rehearsal tomorrow night...then on to First Night in Fredericksburg on Saturday!

So we've had a Class Holiday this week and last week, and outside of one rehearsal I've done NO dancing... just letting my body rest. BUT, you know how it is when you're used to bellydancing - you can only go so long without it! Your body wants to do it even if you're not planning on it. So I've been breaking into "spontaneous yoga", in other words, Chakra Isolations. I love how that happens! I love chakra isolations anyway, and when my body does that I remember I need to move, so when that starts to happen I just focus on doing them as usual, from bottom to top or vice versa; or sometimes just a few in whatever chakra wants to move! I don't think I've written an article on doing the Chakra Isolations yet, but I did mention them in this post - they're something I learned from my wonderful former student Shakti.

...and what's in the baskets? Beans of course!

Happy New Year!

- Anthea / Kawakib
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Homecoming: Return to The Solo!

Last weekend I did my first paid solo gig since my hip surgery, and it felt great. I mean emotionally, but of course physically as well. Since I hadn't done a 15-minute show by myself in about three years, I asked one of my regular dancers, Pixie, to come and do a number just in case I got winded and couldn't finish. I know that's silly but I felt like I needed a cushion - again, emotionally, not physically! So Pixie opened the show with a Sword solo, and I did an Oriental piece, drum solo, and audience dance number. It was great!

The audience couldn't have been better - the Richmond, Virginia dancers are some of the best at hospitality and graciousness, bar none. This particular group, the Belly Dance School of Richmond, evolved from Sheva's School of Belly Dance, and Sheva left a strong tradition of bellydancers supporting bellydancers. They've always been the warmest, friendliest people.
A big "Thank You" to Dorma for thinking of having me!

So it was a great "Homecoming" for me, returning to The Solo. Kind of like icing on the cake... being able to dance again, period, is great - but being able to solo... that's extra fine!

- Anthea / Kawakib
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