Wednesday, September 28, 2011

bruises, aches, and pains oh my!

  Another week and my ribs are still really sore from the fall. I overdid things on Saturday too - that was a long day with lots of physical activity, and since then I've really been feeling aches and pains. Also found a big bruise on my backside that's quite spectacular...

So today, more teaching, but this time I'll sit and coach more. What's nice is that in class we're working on the pop choreography I'll be performing in the upcoming October shows so I can review it for myself while I teach. Of course I'm still planning to dance in the shows! And that's why I can't wait to feel the turnaround and get back to "normal".

by Anthea (Kawakib)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

(gasp) OUCH (gasp) No, really, I'm okay!

Teaching bellydance classes last night went fine even though I couldn't really take a deep breath because of my rib injury (see previous post about my fall off a horse)... but at least I'd remembered about my left-over pain meds from my hip surgery and thus felt pretty good! So more of that will be happening tonight with my two beginner classes!

And October is going to be busy - I decided to load up my calendar with an in-house student workshop, as well as solo performances at a couple of nearby shows, and local marketing demos. It's like getting back in the saddle, bellydance-wise. But I feel up to it, and the discrepancy in strength between one hip and the other is diminishing, though I still notice it in certain moves like shimmies and sharp moves. Maybe I only notice it because I'm looking - but I know if *I* am looking, others will be too. And that's fine because I consider myself a source of inspiration for Aging Bellydancers, which pretty much covers them all!
...and now off to get ready to teach!
by Anthea (Kawakib)

Monday, September 19, 2011

My fifth tumble off a horse, but who's counting?!

So now I can relax, I've had my first horseback fall since I got my hip replacement, and all seems well.

You never know which horse will dump you. I think it's the quiet ones you have to look out for! You just don't expect it from a horse who's notoriously dead to the leg like Velvet. But put her next to a little firecracker of a pony with an attitude and watch the hooves fly!
All I know is that we were quietly warming up in the arena and passed little Belle (who's quick to take offence to other horses, especially other mares), and Velvet exploded sideways. Turns out Belle tried to give her a little kick as we passed, just for the heck of it... 
Velvet's sideways dance brought us right into a corner where a jump butted up to the fence, and I tumbled off. I hit the ground sideways, and of course on the same side with my artificial hip! Luckily though my ribs took the brunt of the fall, and I've got plenty of ribs, so no worries. It rang my bell pretty good when my helmet hit though. I can't imagine NOT wearing a helmet! That is just plain dumb.
So my ribs are pretty sore and it's hard to take a deep breath, but my hip is only a trifle sore to the touch. I'll take a day off from exercise and dance and see how I feel tomorrow. I don't have to dance until mid-week anyway!

Sweet Black Velvet

Monday, September 5, 2011

two weeks of sweating my a** off...

The past two weeks were pretty demanding so I MUST be getting a lot stronger. I did afternoon chores at White Buffalo Horse Farm for almost two weeks straight (that's 23 horses to take care of!) and taught two mini-workshops (2 hours each) of a fast and intense Egyptian Pop choreography; and of course my regular weekly horse back rides and lessons. Nothing hurts! Well actually I had a collar bone/shoulder ouchie but that's beside the point.
I've got to admit though I was too pooped to do any regular exercising! So maybe I'll just count it as two weeks of "cross training".

This week it's "back to school", teaching my regular bellydance classes at Fredericksburg Parks and Rec. and I'll enjoy a regular routine again.