Thursday, March 31, 2011

bellydance hafla celebrating Spring!

Last night was our Spring Class hafla, a bellydance party - the just-for-fun kind, not the performing-for-the-public kind. That's me dancing (with my daughter in the background) doing a little Tribal Odyssey group improv. Haflas are the only time we can really get all levels of students dancing together and that's one of the things I love most about them; plus, it's a PARTY!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

out on the trail finally

Sunday after horse riding class I got to go on the trail again, it's been over a year since I left the arena. I was on Phoenix and he was amazing, that is as soon as we got in front of Tre who was slowing us down :) I've been reading Mark Rashid & Linda Tellington-Jones so was just working on managing my excitement at riding out again and keeping Phoenix relaxed and happy, he was great.

Dancing is going well, stamina is much improved now and both of my legs are looking almost the same as far as muscle goes. Still slightly heftier on the off side, but I can do a full squat and either leg can bring me back up to vertical so that's wonderful.
We'll be having a class hafla later this month so I'll be dancing in that; between me & PRISM we've got several performances coming up this Spring, shows here in Fredericksburg and also going down to Richmond in May. That'll be great fun! Yay Spring!