Saturday, May 29, 2010

6 and a Half weeks out!

I woke up this morning and found I'd taken off the hip abductor pillow in my sleep, that was a shocker. I've got it loose enough to slip into & out of without having to get someone else to do it -
I was still laying on my back though so that's OK. Still figure I'll wear it until I see the Dr. again to be on the safe side.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

6 weeks & going strong

6-week Follow-up with the Dr. this past Monday, he okayed me to DRIVE!!! Awesome :-) Yahoo!!
So of course the next day I went to visit the horses at White Buffalo!! Missed them so much. Took Phoenix out to graze, it was such a beautiful day.

Now doing the 5-lb. weight on my leg every OTHER day, thanks to the new Phys. Therapist I'm going to, that is working much better. He also gave me more new exercises (& recommended getting a Wii Fit, but I've got a big Dr. bill to pay...).

I can walk pretty well now, I still take the cane along though, because after a short time of walking without it my leg gets tired & sore, but it's getting stronger every day.

So nice to have wheels again -

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 weeks today!

5 weeks post-op. I'm celebrating by taking a day off from weight lifting! Give my poor hip a chance to relax a bit. Tomorrow will try adding another pound, making a total of 4... :-)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well I'm proud of myself, I did my two sets of exercises yesterday (now with THREE pounds on my leg!) even though we went grocery shopping & I walked all around the store. Thought I'd be too tired but I wasn't.

I'm keeping track of the reps & sets on my phone, very handy. Yesterday's entry looks like this:
5/17: plie's 45; rotations 20 each; side lifts 60; bridges 45, w/steps 15. outside walk, yes. (the shopping trip!)
Great feeling of accomplishment getting them done every day. woo hoo!

My husband got me a nice black cherry wood walking cane I can use for short distances (not the grocery store, obviously). Will see the Dr. next week, hoping for good news re driving...

Friday, May 14, 2010

weights are exciting!

For some reason I was so excited yesterday to add weights to my leg exercises (per the P.T. instructions) even if it was only one pound! His schedule says I'll be up to 5 pounds in two weeks which will be amazing.
I've been exercising all my adult life but never have I been so thrilled at each session before, it's pretty funny. Every time I finish a set I'm just so happy! I'm also enjoying that he cut the sessions down to two a day instead of 3...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Super news!

Had my last Phys. Ther. visit today... he said I'm doing GREAT! Getting strong & have very little pain.
Got up to the 60 reps a day this weekend, so he's cut the daily exericise sessions down to two instead of three; and also given me additional ones to do as per usual, and to start adding weights.
AND, I can use the cane sometimes for short distances instead of the crutch, or walker. Woohoo!

The hip rotations I do are feeling pretty normal now, no more blank spot at the new joint. And my incision's healed up very nicely...

I'm folllowing instructions practially to the letter, I'm a very good patient. And it's working out great!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Whew, going out the last couple of nights to see my classes made me really tired. I was dragging when I got home last night. Not used to sitting up that long. I expect next week'll be better...

Am working on getting my reps up on my exericises before my PT comes back next week. He's pretty relaxed and doesn't push me, but I want to give him a good report anyway.

Dance club meeting tonight but at least that's at home & I can chill in the recliner -

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back to class tonight....

Well I've been out of the loop for 3 weeks today and am excited about going back to classes this week, two tonight & two tomorrow night. I have wonderful subs & helpers doing the physical part of it for me, but I can't wait to see what's been happening while I've been gone. The student's annual Recital is only two & a half months away!
Of course I'm not driving yet, so am depending on getting rides from people. Only a few more weeks of that...
I'm also looking forward to a cookout this weekend at the horse farm where I take (took) lessons, I've missed the horses so much, can't wait to see them. Rain or shine, I'll be there this weekend! Being able to use either the crutch or walker makes it easy.
My physical therapist says I'm doing really well and I'm pretty sure he's being straight with me, he doesn't seem like a BS-er. I'm not quite up to all the reps I'm supposed to do every day but almost. I think by his next visit I'll be doing it all just like I'm supposed to - but honestly, 20 reps 3 times a day was a bit too much up to now, because I usually stop when I feel any discomfort.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Keeping on keeping on

The physical therapist keeps giving me new exericises every visit but I can hardly do as many reps as he suggests... he also said I can use one crutch at times during the day when I feel like it. And also add a bit of walking outside.
But it's amazing how tired I am at the end of the day after these pitiful few exercises and a short walk out to (almost) the end of the driveway...
The swelling's gone down a lot on my hip, and the little butterfly stickers on the incision are starting to come off on their own; I still cover it at night to keep myself from scratching it accidentally as it itches quite a bit sometimes... and I'm wearing the weird leg pillow every night and sleeping on my back exclusively, which doesn't bother me as I do that anyway.

Sitting here at the desk is not so comfortable so can't do much computer work. How handy would a laptop be right now! But I'm enjoying my "time off"!

Not much pain either, the occasional twinge, and a little muscle soreness after exercising... couple of Tylenol's a day and that's it.