Wednesday, October 19, 2011

shimmy shimmy shake!

I've got to say I love being able to post such postive reports about dancing again :)

I had an urge to replace the "how to shimmy" clip that went missing, so yesterday I put some makeup on and whipped this quick clip out. I think you'd never know I had a hip replacement, right? So it's all good. Yay!

I also am looking forward to's interview in the next few weeks, which will put the THR + bellydancing issue on blast. Bellydancers who've had hip replacements, come out come out where you are!
Kawakib's Shimmy Tech - 3/4 and Regular Shimmies

by Anthea (Kawakib)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't be afraid to bellydance- it won't hurt you like it hurt me.

I've noticed that sometimes my students look a little freaked out when I mention my hip surgery.
Here's the thing: we professionals wear ourselves out by constant use in performance, teaching, rehearsing; preparing class material, etc. Not only is our physical load much more extreme than student hobbyists, but we often continue our activities when we should be recuperating from injuries - how can you keep a dance job if you miss work while you tend an injury? You won't, not without a contract.

So there's no comparison - don't be afraid to bellydance because your teacher's had hip surgery!

Here's how my hip is doing - almost back to pre-surgery strength, and it works so much better than it did just prior to my THR! Bellydancing in October 2011

Photo from bellydance show this past weekend

Meanwhile, my first belly dance teacher's had her THR and is recovering at home. I expect we'll hear of more and more bellydancers having replacement surgeries, now that we're taking our first steps out of the closet!

by Anthea (Kawakib)