Friday, September 11, 2015

lotsa dancing going on

Dancing gives you wings!

Dancing, teaching, farm work, and horseriding have been my workouts lately, they're all strenuous but fun, and they're helping me get strong again.
Of course, immediately AFTER these exertions I'm pretty tired, and the next day my muscles might be sore, but the payoff of feeling stronger is worth it.

I'm still working on my Oriental solos, and dancing a lot with my group. Last month just after my annual camping trip (Pennsic) my dancers and I performed in Richmond, Virginia at Tribal Cafe where I was able to do my Layali pop solo again. Here's a short clip, courtesy of Siyala:

I love this number, it's not only strenuous but repeats a lot so it's really a good workout! Tribal Cafe features a mini-class too, so before performing I was able to share some of these combinations and travel steps with the dancers in the audience. It was a really great time and produced very well by the Madame Onca and the Bandit Queens. 

A couple of weeks later we were in Richmond again for a monthly Hafla called Tummy Tuesday, where I performed my "Al Saiidi" Cane Dance - for the first time since 2007. The last time I performed it my right hip was so bad I could barely use it, which is obvious in the YouTube video. That's why it thrills me so much to be able to perform it again. And talk about a workout! That folkloric stuff will really get your heart pumping. 
This event is heavily attended by the greater RVA bellydance community, not just new but old-school dancers, many of whom I've known for my entire career. Seeing them again and being able to dance for them was such a blessing, I was on Cloud Nine! 
Here's to more of the same as we go into fall: dancing, friends, and community. 
Yours in dance, 
Anthea Kawakib
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