Tuesday, July 22, 2014

sometimes a crutch is okay

I need a crutch and it's okay!

Tomorrow, I'm seven weeks post-op, and yesterday I had my first physical therapy session as an outpatient. It's in the same place and with the same therapist as after my first hip replacement. He said I wasn't really too far behind my post-op progress from 2010. I was really glad to hear that! I told him my goal was to be walking without assistance next week... and he said that was ambitious, but he didn't rule it out - so, GREAT!

Because my hand, wrist, and shoulder are sore from using the walker and cane, he recommended trying a crutch. I still have my crutches from last time (my first THR happened after a riding accident and I had to use crutches in between the accident and surgery) so I've started using a crutch most of the time now. At least my arm is hurting in a different place!

So today I actually went down to the basement again - second time in almost two months - to start rejuvenating my poor studio! It's a bit slow going using only one arm but at least I feel like I'm doing something.
We have a big show in Fredericksburg the weekend after next ("Sequins and Shimmies") and then, inshallah, I'll be heading up to Pennsic. I've been working on the show for weeks so today I treated myself to dragging out my storage boxes of Pennsic garb and beginning to think about my yearly trip to Orluk... If I can get around well enough, and feel up to the long car trip, it will be my 24th year - an even two dozen. So I have my fingers crossed! Please send me some good energy to help me on my way. Some of my Orluk family:

Anthea Kawakib
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Friday, July 11, 2014

here's a bright spot!

Even though I'm still using a walker at 5 weeks post-op, the "Sequins and Shimmies" show gives me something to look forward to: Facebook Event Page

Each day I am getting stronger - it gives me a sense of wonderment when I think about it. A little effort on a regular basis makes a world of difference!
I saw the Doctor yesterday and he wants me to continue as I have been, but at least he did clear me for driving, and for using a quad-cane when I'm comfortable with it. I don't feel stable enough to use a regular cane yet.
But as I said, I'm getting stronger every day so just have to keep at it. If dance students realized how "magically" their skills would improve with a short practice segment every other day, what amazing progress they'd see!
Just dance a little every day or so with an eye toward clean technique! That's the magic formula for becoming a better dancer!

One day at a time...

Anthea Kawakib
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

a longer recovery...

Whiney and depressed!
I've just been reading the beginning of this blog, back to when I had my first THR, just to see how similar this experience is to the first time. 
And, this time things are going slower. Oh well! I'm a bit disappointed but just have to deal with it. Actually I'm kind of down about it but... I'm sure it'll work out fine in the end. 
My leg hurts today, I guess where the metal is in the bone; sitting in the car going to class last night seemed to catch it right at a tender spot. 
I'm tired and depressed! 
It's just one of those days... 

Anthea Kawakib

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