Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let us dance, Weather!

Oh December, how fickle you are!
Some days have been warm, even almost 70 degrees; but this past week we're getting Virginia's winter worst: sleet, freezing rain, and ice. I had to reschedule my Improvisation workshop to this coming weekend, and my fingers are crossed. Let us dance, weather!

I've got a new Improv Handout ready to go; I'm all about one-page handouts lately so I distilled a bunch of different tactics down to just 6 ideas... after the workshop it may turn up here in a new post.

Meanwhile I'm updating my website, streamlining and reformatting the pages; and getting that done will keep me busy during the holidays when we don't have many classes. Since I started my site in 1999 it's really grown, I think there's over 125 pages - lots of articles of course, a couple of sewing tutorials, history pages, and a handful of photo pages from "before Facebook"!
I used to make one Photo page each year and include it on my site, but that was getting out of hand. Now most of our belly dance event photos are going right online to Instagram, FB, Google+ and Twitter... I don't really like having them all spread out like that, but there it is. Belly dancers end up with so many photos! Is there a better way to organize and save them now?

 Anthea / Kawakib
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