Sunday, July 18, 2010

3 months.... had to dance finally!

Last week I felt like I MIGHT be able to get a dance together for this weekend's show (my students' annual recital), and I happened to hear a song that made me feel like dancing too even though it's not my usual style. It just felt like how I felt right now (Dust Devil by Kaya Project).
But I knew I wasn't supposed to do any hip moves yet, according to the Dr., and moving around quickly on my feet is just starting to work again too, without causing subsequent hip pain (from muscles that aren't used to it). So it was all pretty iffy... but I worked on it every day just a little bit, and thanks to Sera's East Coast Tribal DVD which I happened to have (we were both Marrakesh dancers together a few years ago), I was able to get a short dance done.
I decided to do it at the tech rehearsal instead of the actual show, so I wouldn't get carried away in front of a "real audience". Also I knew I had to commit myself so I told my students about it.
And then I did it! It was so much fun, and I smiled all the way home...
here's my hip-less bellydance

Thursday, July 8, 2010

12 weeks out!!

Last week I "officially" started a little barn work again where I go riding, just cleaning out a stall or two; taking the wheelbarrow up the ramp to dump it is still iffy but I CAN do it -

THIS week I FINALLY got rid of the damn hip abductor pillow at night! Wow! It was starting to fall apart anyway... I can also get in & out of bed like I used to instead of scooting up from the bottom of the bed.

This is great! My "restrictions" in terms of movement are relaxed, but I know the Drs. said to keep them in mind 6 - 12 months & not do more than one of the positions at a time, that is, not lifting the knee above 90% AND crossing the knee over, etc.

I can walk around really great, am a little stiff when I get up after sitting but that's due a lot to my spinal arthritis. I'm still trying to slow down & be careful when I walk & not get carried away with feeling good. It's still hard not to dance, but I'm not cleared for that yet. I am having fun with "bellydancing" without any hip movements....
I can get on & off my saddle really well, with no pain or discomfort. In fact, sitting on the saddle (which is on a barrel in my house) is absolultely pain-free. Sitting in the saddle has NEVER been pain-free before, so when I discovered that I was totally amazed & happy. I can also walk up & down stairs really well because I've been doing my exercises!

My chakra energy is freaking amazing. All I can say is NEVER underestimate the power of chakra energy; I've seen surprising changes in myself since recovering from the surgery. Now I've added chakra energizing exercises to my routine, and am continuing the chakra isolations I learned from my student Shakti; in fact I did vertical circle isolations today as well. Having the energy flowing better through those chakras has manifested as increased expressiveness of my material interactions with life, so to speak... there is DEFinitely a change here. In fact the energy has increased up through all of the centers, affecting many aspects of living, and how I deal with people. I'm aware that I need to stay on top of this new energy & not let it get crazy; I'm enjoying the new experiences and also enjoying learning firsthand about how the energy goes.