Tuesday, January 10, 2012

each dance is a further step to recovery

So for our New Year's Eve show in Fredericksburg this year my performing group PRISM did a number called Ich Inta. This dance is like one of those old Mahmoud Reda Troupe choreographies where the group is on their knees in a circle while Farida Fahmy dances in the middle. I eschew putting myself in the "star spot" when dancing with my group, so I typically assign the soloist part to one of my students, this time to Nashida who dances very prettily in Egyptian style. That meant I (along with the rest of the group) had to get up and down from the kneeling position during the dance.

Well, it was really difficult for me to get up from the kneeling position when we started rehearsing, and I was worried about how awkward it looked; but with some practise several times a week (using a cane to help) I did finally work up the leg strength to do creditably well on stage when we performed on New Year's eve. That's a relief!

Now we're working up another choreography with several up-and-downs to do! So this is great for my leg muscles; and wouldn't you know, it turns out I have to use my non-favorite kneeling leg too. I always love it when bellydance itself provides the exercise my body needs.

I'm a big believer using real belly dance moves for body conditioning whenever possible... now on to the next show!

Anthea / Kawakib
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