Monday, November 26, 2012

Dancing in December...

   My PRISM Dancers have another couple of shows coming up in December, a short appearance in a Holiday Show (put on by MFA Studios, where I teach a mixed-level Bellydance Basics class), then one of our favorite events, First Night on New Year's Eve!

   In the Holiday Show we're only doing one Tribal Odyssey number, so I wrote about that here in my TOBD blog. The "First Night" show will be longer, and we're packing in a lot of bellydance variety! We'll be dancing with quite a few props this time - canes, swords, candles, veils, and fan veils. And of course, finger cymbasl! We've also got a couple of modern Raks Sharki solos in the lineup.

   Usually in these long shows I don't get much chance to dance since I'm producing as well as emceeing, but our wonderful drummer/roadie/Buugeng artist Jasif offered to emcee - so I'm looking forward to this! I've put myself in the show THREE times: a Sharki solo, in the Candle Dance trio, and of course the Tribal Odyssey set. Delegating is wonderful - I'm going to do that more often!
Prism flyer
New Year's Eve celebration (weather permitting!)
The last few years we've really been fortunate with the weather on New Year's Eve. It's always a gamble - I remember traveling to First Night in Leesburg years ago through horribly cold, snowy, icy conditions... let's hope for the best once again.

  Anthea / Kawakib
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