Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What my weight belt told me...

Sometimes when I don't have time or energy to do regular exercises I just put on my weight belt (from Delilah) while I'm doing house chores, and I've noticed that when I'm walking, my right foot (THR side) feels different hitting the floor than the other. The impact is much more jarring, but so far I can't pinpoint why. There's something different about how I'm using that side, I'm trying to figure it out.
I would never have noticed without the weight belt. I should be a paid spokesperson for these things - I don't get anything for recommending them. I really love mine, and tell my students if they REALLY want to get into their bellydance movements they should get one, but I know they're pricey and it's hard for students to spend what could be costume money on something like a weight belt. Too bad, they are really cool. They're really amazing 0 in my experience they seem to magnify what the body is doing, in terms of awareness. They make you really feel what your muscles are doing. Obviously, they're fabulous if you do Egyptian style, where you need that inner muscular awareness.
So now I have to wear it and walk around to see if I can figure out what I'm doing that's different on my right side...

I'm including a link to them on Delilah's site because I think they're awesome -

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

getting LOTS of exercise :)

Wow! a LOT of dancing and horseriding lately...
I'm bringing back an old choreography that needs advanced dancers, my Tambourine Dance to John Bilezikjian's Hezy Yana Waim. What a great song! I love the dance too, it's intense... a couple of my upper level students and I will do it at our Recital in July, I'm really looking forward to it!

All five of my classes are focused on Recital now, so we're cramming in all the choreography review and Tribal Odyssey polishing we can at each class. It's great how deadlines get students' attention!
We're starting extra rehearsals next week so it'll add even more to the routine.

This past week I had a great time riding, rode Reecie Friday, Champagne on Sunday, and Missy yesterday. They're the best! All so sweet & responsive. I'm really focusing on getting my legs on, doing two-point in the trot, and posting while keeping my legs & upper body in position. Missy and I did a little cavaletti work yesterday, but it was so freaking hot & humid we only rode for about 20 minutes. I think it was 90 degrees with matching humidity - at 7pm!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I've noticed my thigh muscles are still really weak so have added lots of lunges during the day. I was really surprised; I only found out trying to do a leg extension/squat exercise, or I wouldn't have noticed from dancing. I'm also putting the weight belt back on for dancing, but with less weight than formerly as it feels REALLY heavy :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

still need more muscle...

As far as bellydancing goes, my advanced hip moves are starting to come back to my right hip, and shimmies are getting smoother... that's the good news. But, I can tell when I'm horseback riding that my right leg still isnt' strong enough. It's especially noticable when posting the trot, with and without stirrups... When I have stirrups, my right leg is moving around too much; without stirrups, I can feel quite a difference in "gripping action" in my thighs, comparing the right to the left.
So more strength training is on deck for my right leg! We'll get there...