Thursday, October 7, 2010

yep, I forgot!

I've officially started horse riding classes again (that is, paid for them); I've been riding a little bit here & there, but both my favorite rides are lame-ish so nothing very spectacular.

Bellydance class is back on track & feels fine, & I hang (almost) upside down afterwards too. Haven't yet gone completely vertical on the inversion table yet, but almost.

Had a big weekend with Tribal Jam X on Saturday, teaching a mini-class, "Intro to Tribal Odyssey" in the afternoon, and dancing with PRISM that evening. Sunday went to DC to see Turku at the Turkish Festival... that was fun even though they only played 4 or 5 songs thanks to earlier tech difficulties that held up the whole afternoon program.
Then going back to the parking garage (under the Customs building) I went through a metal detector, setting if off of course. But the funny thing is I forgot about my metal hip & thought my underwire bra was setting the durn thing off! And there wasn't even any wine involved! I think that shows how great my hip's doing :)