Wednesday, September 22, 2010

horse riding - now back to class!

Sunday I rode Velvet, instead of Phoenix, to get more of a workout. Phoenix is still off and can't do much more than a few trots. With Velvet I actually participated in class, to the extent that my legs were sore the next day. But not my hip!
If only everything else on my body felt as good as my bionic hip does now!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just a trifle sore...

After four classes this week I'm just a trifle sore, and it's not anything to do with my new hip! I feel like a beginner must feel "the day after"!

After both nights of class I got on my inversion table to stretch my back, but didn't go completely upside down to hang from my ankles. Dr. had already ok'd that, but I just didn't feel like pushing it (or rather, PULLING it).

And back to the farm today for a short ride, God willing. Yay! I'm working on rehabbing my favorite ride, he's been out for almost as long as me with a couple of different issues. We're rehabbing together! I want to do an Intro level test for my first dressage clinic this fall, and also do a musical freestyle for a schooling show. So I have much to work on in the arena! So much fun!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to Fall Bellydance classes

Yesterday started our Fall session of bellydance at Parks & Rec; I danced pretty much through both Intermediate level classes just fine. Was a bit stiff when I got home; iced my back for a while.

I think tonight for the two Basics level classes that I should take it easy, beginners are more work & I'm already doing more than I'm used to. I'm really looking forward to it though!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

a little bit (more) at a time...

Baby Steps! My favorite horse Phoenix is recovering from lameness but he's sound enough for me to ride since I'm only doing very very gentle stuff. So Sunday I added 5 minutes in the saddle, yesterday another 5... for a total of 20 minutes! My legs are still messy & the right one gets out of place & swings around, but that's nothing new. I might go again tomorrow if the weather holds (we're waiting to see what Hurricane Earl's going to do), and Sunday morning.

Saturday afternoon I'm planning on joining my students onstage for a videotaping of our Tribal Odyssey dancing, just a short set. And next week, classes start again!