Friday, November 14, 2014

new joint, new life!

I totally thought I had published a post in October after I started bellydancing again! It's been buzzing around here for the last month since then - honestly, it must be the renewed energy through my chakras!

Since I started - very gingerly - dancing in class again last month, my stability, strength, balance, and skills have improved steadily. I'm still doing my rehab exercises, mostly on "off days"; that is, days when I don't teach class, ride, or work at the barn. In late September I resumed riding; and soon after that resumed morning chores at the horse farm once a week.
My left leg (the rehab side) gets tired quickly, especially the outside thigh muscles; so side steps continue to be the hardest exercise to do. When my leg gets tired I start limping a little bit but I know it will continue to improve. When I teach, it's very interesting to experience what feels like a "beginner leg" on that side.

My biggest excitement: dancing at the hafla!

The PRISM Dancers had our Fall Hafla at the beginning of the month, collecting food donations for the local Food Bank; and I absolutely danced my ass off during open dancing! Yes, it was amazing, fun, and so thrilling to be dancing again!
We always enjoy Kabab City restaurant - the staff, food, hookah, and spacious dance floor; not to mention to colorful and beautiful atmosphere.

My students and I danced and enjoyed guest performers. 

We were all happy to meet Lulu and Zyzy, a couple of Veda Sereem's students from Maryland; as well as Nadira from VA Beach, host of the rejuvenated East Coast Classic weekend bellydance festival. It was great to get out and dance, and enjoy time with my wonderful students and friends. 
I'm so happy to be able to dance again! 
dancers in costume at hafla
good to meet dancers Zyzy and Lulu!
dancers in the hookah lounge
Nadira and I enjoying hookah and libations

Anthea Kawakib

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