Friday, December 28, 2012

Write, or Wrong? (see what I did there? clever, huh!)

I hate writing. Ha! - the fact that I find myself writing so much is one of those funny jokes life plays...

But I'm chuckling to myself because in the last couple of write-ups I put together this week promoting our upcoming show on New Year's Eve, I tried to get out of my usual writing style by pretending to be a reporter. Now I love reporters, but every working bellydancer's had at least one experience with a - shall we say, "less than super" - newspaper article written by a professional reporter. And the headlines they think up... those could be a story in themselves.

Anyway I drug out some well-worn cliches for the two short "Press Release" articles I submitted, including desert Sheikhs, harems, tinkling bells, and Disney princesses. At least that makes a change from my usual facts-only descriptions of our shows. At the same time I'm inwardly rolling my eyes!

Sadly, these articles probably aren't as different from my regular style as I think, but it was kind of fun trying. And I'm "all written out" now, this being the second blog post I've done this week too. Really, I HATE writing!

If these links stay current after our event, you can see my "reporter style" here:


PRISM Brings the Belly Dance to First Night!

(I know. Compared to what newspapers think up for bellydance articles, the headlines are pretty boring!)

  Anthea / Kawakib
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