Thursday, April 9, 2015

I critique myself!

I had SUCH an exciting time dancing in Ravia's show this past Saturday; my solo went well and so did the two group numbers I did with my PRISM Dancers. One of my dancers, Siyala, even videotaped my solo. I wasn't really sure how it would go, so I'm really thankful she did this for me. But of course I HAVE to critique it because that's what I do! I'm a good dance and performance coach - I see pretty near everything about a dancer's movements. So let me take some of my own medicine then, shall we?

In the video I'm facing away half the time because of the audience layout - but then that gives me a good view of what's happening from the back, so win-win!

Overall I think it's good, with a lot of nice touches here and there: my use of momentum, graceful arms, warm expression, audience rapport; plus a fairly good use of the space (an awkward long rectangle with people unevenly arranged on three sides). As I watch my performance I can I see how very excited and happy I am (I know I was enjoying it VERY much!).
On the other hand, I also see that quite often I'm not finishing moves; the hip work as well as some of the foot work is unevenly articulated or executed (it appears I'm still unconsiously "saving" my left hip a little); I'm rushing the movement timing a little (similar to not finishing, but different); and the timing of my hip shimmies is not quite even. And of course all those things bother me! LOL - This is what it's like to have a "coach's eye"!!

But okay, for my first solo back, it'll do. My leg's pretty strong now but I know I do tend to be awkward on that side sometimes, and as I saw in the video, I'm still not using both sides exactly the same. Did I mention this leg is now shorter than the other? Oh well - that's a small tradeoff considering that I can walk and dance again!!
Anthea Kawakib

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