Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teach, rest... Perform!

Another milestone: this past weekend was my first out-of-town workshop and show since my hip replacement. It's been a long four years!

I love how this photo from the show Saturday (in Charlottesville VA) captures how I feel when I'm dancing - special thanks to Kathleen for sharing it with me.

Doing it Old School!

One of my former Charlottesville belly dance students (I taught down there for 10 years before moving to Fredericksburg) swooped in after my morning class and carried me off to her lovely studio oasis so I could rest in between teaching and performing in the evening show. We ate, chatted, and napped! Yabani Cicek (Lou) is well-known locally for her classic American bellydance, the style that prevailed here prior to the "Egyptian invasion" of the 1980's. She battles Parkinsons with bellydancing, keeping active, fit, and busy in the community by performing in local shows in Charlottesville and the nearby capital city of Richmond. Kisses to Lou!

Another "blast from the past" is the costume I decided to wear, a lace jumpsuit I made at least 20 years ago. It's the only piece I have left from a 1940's-style costume I made that was inspired by photos of Tahia Carioca. I'm surprised it's holding up after so long - AND that it fits!

It's funny how bellydance goes through stylistic phases... we used to complain about shows being one "cabaret" dancer after another. But this past weekend my Egyptian oriental number ("Layal"), a traditional Raks Sharki entrance piece, stood out as the oddball in the show's lineup of Tribal Fusion, American Interpretive, and Vaudeville! Although some might think of my style as the "safe" choice, the same-old same-old bellydancing, all I can say is: THAT dancing is ME; that's the music I like, that's how it makes me feel, and that's how it makes me dance. And I think audiences probably enjoy seeing a variety of styles and hearing different kinds of music... at least, I hope so!

Anthea / Kawakib
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