Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's so great to be "back"... to normal! Or normal enough LOL

I've got several bellydance events coming up in December: a Tribal Odyssey Meet, with students from other areas; my group the PRISM Dancers are hosting (& performing in) a "Bellydance Night" at a local restaurant; we're dancing for a local senior community who are big fans of ours; then we're dancing at First Night downtown on New Year's Eve - weather permitting! Lots of fun stuff :)

And, I'll be in my first horse show this Sunday which is super exciting! I'm so looking forward to it - since it's a schooling show (held at White Buffalo, where I take lessons), my teacher's letting me use any music I want, so I'm using my new single "Let Me Dance" ( by Tribe O). I wrote it while I was recovering from my hip surgery, it's about wanting to dance and ride again. woohoo! It's gonna be fun!