Friday, June 20, 2014

2 weeks post-op, again!

I have plenty of physical restrictions, but they're temporary.

I saw my Dr. yesterday for my first follow-up visit, and am disappointed at longer restrictions than I expected, but he's the boss of me in this case! I can't drive, I have to continue to use the walker, and to wear the daggone leg thingie at night. It looks like this:
hip replacement leg apparatus
what I wear at night
It keeps me from rolling over or crossing my legs, which could dislocate my new hip joint.

I also reread my first several posts here when I was post-op my first THR 4 years ago, and saw that I hurt myself by doing too much.
So I'll play it super safe this time.
I did get rides to classes this week, and it was awkward and tiring, but I enjoyed being '"in belly dance class" again, so very much!
Some students will be over tonight to prepare for the Hafla that's happening next week as well. This is my medical expenses fundraiser. I already owe way more than I've raised through donations... but I'll continue to be optimistic and hope for the best.

Can YOU share my fundraising site with your network? Maybe there's an Angel out there for me: Anthea's Hip
If you're near Fredericksburg, VA you're more than welcome to come enjoy the evening with us and experience a real belly dance party with drumming, dancing, games and a raffle. If you can't come yourself, please tell your friends:
Anthea's Hip Hafla - fundraising event:
Saturday June 28, 4 - 7pm.Kabab City Restaurant
10681 Spotsylvania Ave, Fredericksburg, VA 22408
Any donation for a ticket: Hip Hafla tickets
Facebook event: Hip Hafla

Anthea Kawakib
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

just another challenge...

It seems crazy that I'd dance when actually pretty disabled! 

The video in the post below is from only a little over a month ago - I could barely use my left hip! That means I couldn't really use it well for balance, or for articulating movements on the other side, my right hip. Yet I'm dancing. 

I think there's something about some performers that just makes us do it no matter what. Is it crazy? I don't know - but the thing is, NO ONE HAS ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT WAS TO DANCE! Yet there I am performing - who can explain it!

That's what "the show must go on" means, right? You don't give up easy. And that's exactly what makes recovery from surgery easier too! 

So here's to having whatever it is that makes us go on in the face of difficulties. I'm so thankful I'm "one of those" types of performers.

Anthea Kawakib
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tomorrow, people!

Tomorrow, people!

At this time tomorrow I'll have a sweet new hip - YAY!

Sure has been a busy few days trying to get my office work done so I can relax for a few - like I have a choice! haha
Yesterday I had a nice long phone chat with my old friend Shawkat (who gave me my Arabic dance name "Kawakib" long, long ago - at El Cid nightclub in fact). It was great talking about old times, and how the dance scene is going nowadays - because he's still playing for dancers! Way to go Shawkat, and Nazira - who plays great sagat accompaniment to his oud. It just happened that I'd gotten his new CD in the mail a few days ago, it's available on Amazon. It's a must for dancers who want to learn to dance to live music; you can hear the audience in the background a little, and hear how Shawkat encourages the dancers and audience. Just like being in the club!

And on the horizon...

What I'm looking forward to now is seeing everybody at my Hip Hafla fundraiser! Got a pretty flyer done at least, but my PRISM Dancers will have to do some of the organizing... I'm excited!

See you on the other side!

Anthea Kawakib
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