Tuesday, January 7, 2014

quiet interlude between events!

Reflecting and Redirecting

The improvisation workshop before the holidays went well and I enjoyed meeting and working with two local dance students who were new to me; as well as two of my regular students. I love how my students come and support my events, even if it's a topic that they have studied before!
After our exciting show with the PRISM Dancers on New Year's Eve, I've had some time to regroup and plan for 2014. We're starting our regular belly dance schedule this week, with regular classes starting downtown and the PRISM Rehearsal Club once again on track. We'll have new topics in class; and new performances to prepare for as well.

February promises excitement!

In early February I'm hosting a Candle Dance workshop; and later in the month a Tribal Hafla Food Drive.
I'm really looking forward to both. February sounds like a magic month already!
I'd also like to offer a class on the Chakra Isolations, but haven't decided when or where yet.
All these events are open to dancers; and of course the Hafla is open to the public. We can always use another performer or three, so stay in touch and if you would like to dance, let me know.
Connect with my PRISM Dancers page on G+ to keep track of our events. We love connecting with dancers!

Will we see you at one of our events? I hope so!
Anthea Kawakib
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