Monday, July 20, 2015

the "Fifi" is back!

The return of those moves... 

Our "all veil dance" show this past weekend went pretty well, with loads of merchandise at the bellydance Flea Market and a good turnout from local folks and far-away friends!
This show marked my return to "real dancing" - not just class material or my Layali pop number; but a real Sharki solo. Not that I have this number completely down yet - it was a lot of improv for sure.
But the reason I'm excited about it is because this dance DOES include the two moves I haven't been able to do for years: the Side-Step with Shimmy, and of course, the very delicious "Fifi move"! The former does need more refining as my outer leg muscles are still weak; but I felt it was okay enough to do in performance.
These two moves were ones I couldn't "fake" when first my right then my left hip went out of order; they're too intense and intricate. There were lots of moves I could "sort of" do while my hips were deteriorating, but not these two. So I'm pretty excited about it!
I have to laugh about this one, the "Side-Step with Shimmy" because I think I overdid it, just because I could! It still looks a little awkward to me. I'm working on it!

And I'm so happy to have this one back, the lovely and delicious "Fifi move".

Please share with anyone who's wondering about dancing after hip surgery!
Anthea Kawakib
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