Tuesday, December 29, 2015

it only takes a moment

I'm spending the holidays sitting on my butt when I'm not using crutches to get around the house. 
Recently I started jumping in my riding lessons which made me want to "step up" (pun intended!) my exercise routine. I started using a plastic garden bench about 15" high for stepping up and down to strengthen both legs. That's been going really well and I was enjoying how much stronger my legs felt, when this interminable rain began here this winter in Virginia. I didn't want to bring the grimy bench inside so instead tried using my husband's space heater, which was about the same height. That was a mistake, since it's actually on wheels. While exercising a few days ago, I was on my last step-up, and wasn't paying enough attention. I placed my foot too close to the edge, and the space heater tipped over. 

So I fell, my knee got jammed and went sideways, and now I'm on crutches with what I hope is just a sprained knee. Of course it happened JUST during the holiday break when I was getting ready to film a short "down shimmy" video tip, as well as start on the Tribal Fan Veils video tutorial. The studio was set with lights and ready to go the next day. I'm so disappointed. 
Accidents happen so quickly! But to look on the bright side, at least I already had a set of crutches from my previous accident. And both my hips are doing great! 

Here's to a better holiday and new year for you and me. In fact I'm busting into this tasty little gift set right now. Cheers!
small boxed set of wine
Vinho do Porto
Yours in dance, 
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